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various gadgets and operating systems

There are quite a few people who consider gadgets to be limited to smartphones. Even though the smartphone is one type of gadget. In order not to be mistaken, here are some types of gadgets that are widely used:

1. Mobile

Mobile is a type of gadget that is most widely used by people today. The development of mobile phones has also undergone very rapid technological changes. The most popular type of mobile phone today is the iphone 12 deals smartphone using an operating system iOS. Besides that, there are still many kinds of gadgets that use other operating systems, for example, Android and Windowsphone.

2.computers and laptops

Computers and laptops are other types of gadgets that are very often used for various purposes, especially for work. This gadget also requires an operating system to run, such as; Windows, Mac, Linux, and more.

3. Tablets and iPads

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