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ByErma F. Brown

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from the grapevine dept

This week, our initially place winner on the insightful facet is That One particular Male with a comment about how Murdoch-pushed social media news taxes in some international locations have manufactured Facebook drop fascination in information:

Appeasement doesn’t perform? What a surprise

Give an inch and they demanded a mile, who could have observed that coming from an sector that thinks they are owed money from the people today sending traffic to them for free?

Wonderful that Fb at lease could possibly have caught on that no quantity of cash will ever be more than enough for the parasitic publishers, I glimpse forward to long run content wherever they’ll be screaming about how Facebook taking away any backlinks to their things is an abuse of ability and the government requirements to phase in and pressure them to have and shell out for information.

In second area, it’s Keroberos with a remark about the moral worry research showing Instagram tends to make some teens really feel even worse about themselves:

That chart is meaningless. Instagram makes some teens come to feel even worse about themselves. When compared to what? I’d be inclined to wager that if you questioned that very same problem of teens (or any person, for that make any difference), but changed the term “Instagram” with any other place where by they may possibly interact with other folks (faculty, home, work, the mall, a occasion, just about any place), you’d get pretty much equivalent numbers. About 50 % would say it had no result, about a quarter would say it experienced a constructive impact, and about a quarter would say it was detrimental. That chart has some variation, but for the most component appears to be like like an practically standard distribution and truly skewed to the positive as an alternative of the detrimental.

For editor’s choice on the insightful aspect, we’ve acquired two much more opinions about the social media information taxes. 1st, it’s a single far more from That One particular Dude, elevating a important point about these techniques:

And that is why the larger publishers have attempted to make it legally not possible to not demand dollars for links with regulations like this, simply because they know the scaled-down outlets will make clear that people can url to them for nothing and wholly undermine the parasites attempting to demand from customers money.

Next, it’s That Anonymous Coward with a normal comment about the problem:

You necessary us far more than we needed you…

(shamelessly stolen I fail to remember where by and when but this kind of proves this idea has often been with us)

Hey, this golden egg is brilliant.
But I bet if we reduce the goose open up, we could get a second golden egg, and we would not have to wait for tomorrow.
Frankly, I just can’t see any downsides to this approach, and I recommend we put into action it right away.
Gentlemen, sharpen your axes.

About on the amusing side, our 1st place winner is jojo_36 with one more remark about the social media moral worry and the Texas rep who has promised a monthly bill to ban teens from the companies:

Texas proposes yet another Social Media Regulation:

Techdirt: “Ah shit, here we go once more.”

In 2nd area, it is z! with a comment about Elon Musk striving to get out of the Twitter deal:

What comes about future?
We all get a double popcorn and established back to look at.

For editor’s option on the amusing side, we start out with kvh and one particular more remark about the social media panic:

I presume when Texans below one particular of their politicians preparing on banning minors from social media they imagine he’s organizing on banning minorities from social media.

Eventually, it is an nameless remark about Ben Smith’s Semafor launch function and his disastrous interview with Tucker Carlson:

Happy we got to hear Tucker’s standpoint. He just doesn’t have a platform of his individual the place he gets to say whichever bullshit comes to his brain.

That’s all for this week, folks!


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