TikTok is impressed by boyfriend’s time management skills when it comes to his computer

ByErma F. Brown

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A lady is heading viral simply because of her boyfriend’s extraordinary time administration techniques. Locating the balance amongst tasks and leisure is every single adult’s great battle. But TikToker Tess O’Neill puzzled if her boyfriend’s way of undertaking factors was a very little as well offbeat. But TikToker Tess O’Neill questioned if her boyfriend’s way of undertaking points was a little much too offbeat. She found that whenever her boyfriend was executing “a thing exciting,” he established a timer. She discovered that every time her boyfriend was doing “a thing enjoyment,” he set a timer. “My boyfriend puts timers on each time he is carrying out a thing exciting to ensure the enjoyable does not go on for as well extensive,” O’Neill stated in a video clip. “My boyfriend places timers on anytime he is carrying out some thing exciting to assure the exciting does not go on for far too very long,” O’Neill claimed in a movie. “That is not normal, and I imagine, you know, you need to it’s possible get some aid or some thing,” the snippet reported. Then the camera lower to footage of her boyfriend browsing online whilst a timer on his computer system counted down the seconds. Then the digicam minimize to footage of her boyfriend shopping on the internet even though a timer on his laptop or computer counted down the seconds. The amusing online video racked up 1.2 million sights on TikTok

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