How to Tell If Someone Blocked Your Number on Android

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One way to check if someone’s blocked your number is to call them, then try calling them from another phone. If the response is the same, it’s unlikely you are blocked. You can also try calling multiple times, waiting before calling again, and checking their social media.

Have you been trying to reach someone on their phone but to no avail? They may have blocked your phone number. Here are a few ways to know if someone blocked you on your Android phone.

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Call the Person From Your Phone and Then Another Phone

One way to check if someone has blocked your number is by calling them from your own phone and then another phone. If you get the same response while calling from both phones, it’s highly unlikely you’re blocked.

However, if you get a different response while calling from your own phone, there’s a good chance the person has blocked your phone number. This is because, if the person hadn’t blocked you, you would get the same response on both your calls.

To know if someone blocked your texts on Android, you can also try texting the person from your phone and see if you get a response. If you don’t hear back from the person via call or text for a long time, they may have blocked you, not wanting any further communication with you.

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Call the Person Multiple Times From Your Phone

It’s possible that, rather than blocking you, the person you’re trying to reach has enabled Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on their phone, which silences all kinds of notifications on their device. In this case, if they’ve allowed repeat calls in their DND mode, you can call them multiple times and get through the mode.

Note: If someone has enabled DND mode, they probably don’t want to be disturbed unless it’s an emergency. Be respectful of that as you’re deciding whether to try calling multiple times.

Android's option to allow repeat callers in DND mode.

To do this, call the person and let the phone ring for a few seconds. Then, end the call and call them again immediately.

If they then respond to your call, it’s likely they had DND with repeat callers enabled. If they don’t respond, they may have blocked you or simply haven’t allowed repeat callers in DND.

Wait a While and Then Call the Person Again

The person you’re trying to reach may be in a situation where they can’t pick up your call. They may have turned off their phone, enabled airplane mode, or been out of network coverage.

In all these instances, you can’t reach out to them no matter what you do. The best thing you can do in these cases is to wait a while before giving them another call.

Check That Person’s Social Media Accounts

If someone doesn’t want to hear from you, they may block you on social media in addition to blocking your phone number and texts. To confirm this, you can check out that person’s accounts on sites like Facebook or Instagram and see if you can access their profile.

You can also check if they’ve blocked you on WhatsApp, further confirming your phone number is blocked. If you find the person reachable on these platforms, it might be worth contacting them through one of those platforms instead of their phone.

And that’s what you can do to tell if someone has blocked you on their Android phone.

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