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If Hero — the historic Greek inventor — had been able to get pleasure from a beer soon after get the job done, he may have pulled a trick like [BevCanTech] did: use it to create a uncomplicated steam engine. Of course, we aren’t sure why it has to be a beer can, but even with a soda can there is a fundamental challenge: the can is open, assuming you’ve now relished the beverage.

A stress vessel with a large gaping gap in it isn’t a great deal of a pressure vessel. The resealing method was essentially quite uncomplicated. 1st, you bend back again the tab to shut up the opening as greatest you can. Upcoming, you use cyanoacrylate glue and baking soda to seal up what’s remaining. We puzzled if you could use epoxy, sizzling glue, or UV-curable resin. The major could possibly get way too sizzling for warm glue to final, but we aren’t sure.

Like Hero’s engine, this most likely is not terribly simple, but it is entertaining. Finally, the string twists up and you have to have a quite warm flame. The “methylated spirits” flame stated is what Individuals generally contact denatured alcoholic beverages. That is absolutely nothing additional than alcohol that has additives to make it uncomfortable for people today to drink.

We’ve noticed this trick before, but it needed emptying the can with out opening the primary gap. Easy steam engines like this are attributed to Hero, but he essentially invented really a few issues. at?v=7KNZyeWGRlw

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