If you have a business, then it is indispensable for you to have a nice website that encapsulates the essence of your enterprise. The website should be ideally designed with your target audience in mind and to enhance the customer experience. Your website is one of the primary manifestations of your business online, and you should get it done rightly. It creates the foundation and lies at the bottom of the funnel, where you have the scope of generating maximum conversions. So you cannot afford to have a substandard website as it negatively impacts sales.

A good website will positively impact your customers, which will consequently benefit your business. The importance of website design should not be trivialized if you want to have a successful business. It is instrumental to creating a good impression of your business on your potential customers and helps you nurture your leads and get more conversions. 

Your website should yield a good user experience and be easily navigable. If you are looking for a web design agency Columbus, you should research well to ensure that they can design a user-friendly and easily accessible website. In this article, we will discuss the things that should be kept in mind while designing the perfect website for your business. Besides, we will also list the five best web designers in Columbus, Ohio.

Things to keep in mind

What are the things that make a good website that audiences like? A website is a representation of your business on the internet. So it must exude all the qualities a credible business should have. 

Brand image

You must remember that your website reflects your brand, and it is the first and foremost thing that gives out an impression of your brand online. All the elements of your website, including fonts, colors, visuals, and so on, comprise the building blocks of your brand identity. Therefore they should be selected carefully and be consistent throughout the website.


Colors play a critical role in website design. If you already have some colors that align with your brand identity elements, like your logo, then you should make sure they are on your website as well. On the other hand, if you are about to start from scratch, you should try to understand the emotions and thoughts each color evokes before selecting the ideal ones for your business.


You should always keep your layout simple, clean, and sorted to draw the viewer’s attention to the most critical aspects of the website. Be careful while determining the number of options in a menu or a drop-down box. The experts at web design company Columbus suggest that you refrain from making your website look too cluttered or chaotic.

Typography and Fonts

Make sure that your font is easy to read and is aesthetically set up against the background. Your target audience should be ideally kept in mind while deciding on the fonts and what you want them to portray as your brand personality. You might want to look professional and formal or fun and stylish.

Accessibility and Navigation

You should ensure that your website is easily accessible to everyone on the internet, including people with disabilities. This not only creates a better viewer experience but also helps to avoid accessibility-related lawsuits.

The ultimate goal of the audience is to find the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. To serve this purpose, you should make the site easily navigable to provide the best user experience.

Five best web design agency Columbus

If you were wondering which company provides you with the best web design Columbus Ohio then look no more. Out of the 60+ web design companies in Columbus, we have ranked the top 5 agencies most likely to meet all of your requirements.

Janszen Media

Janszen Media is an agency that provides website design and other digital marketing services to entrepreneurs looking for website development services in Columbus, Ohio. It is definitely a superb web design company Columbus that is known to create engaging and aesthetic websites that ensure visitor interaction. They amicably assist their clients through every step of the website design process. They also provide website maintenance services for businesses that need to update their websites.


Sevell+Sevell, Inc is a web design company offering SEO services based in Columbus. Their marketing-oriented approach to websites has benefited many businesses. The agency focuses on content to have a good search ranking and works well with search engines like Google.

Split Reef

Split Reef LLC is a Columbus-based digital agency that offers website design and development services in the area. Their use of advanced languages such as CSS3 and HTML5 allows for automatic web page sizing and flexible media retrieval on websites.

They are a reputed web design agency Columbus.

Marcy Design

Marcy Design is an excellent web design company based in Columbus that works with businesses to create engaging websites reflecting their brand image. It churns out unique content and performs credible market research to determine the reception by customers. They also provide other services like graphic design, SEO, and email marketing.


Robintek is one of the most experienced website design firms in Columbus, serving businesses since 1998. This family-owned business is best at designing unique and mobile-friendly websites to promote a client’s products and services. It is known to increase brand awareness with engaging graphics, brochures, flyers, and ads.

Closing thoughts:

Now that you know where to go for having a compelling website with fluid UI/UX tactics and attractive web design, it is time to build your own and start encountering a windfall in finances!