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Vivo Y11 Specifications and Pictures

The Vivo Y11 was released in the UK in January of this year with high expectations. As a high end professional camera the Vivo Y11 gives a lot of bang for the buck. However, many will agree that it is not perfect and does fall short of its marketing claims. There are some areas where the Vivo Y11 really scores over the competition however.

The most obvious benefit of the Vivo Y11 is the price. For the moderate price set by vivo y11 it is hard to find something that can compete with it. This powerful little camera from Vivo is also very easy to operate and has some of the best features available.

As the price goes up so do the features of the device. Vivo keeps the features similar to the model that launched with great expectations. It includes a high-quality 5-megapixel camera, a solid zoom lens, decent … Read More