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Cable television has been around for many decades. Before the introduction of services such as satellite tv as well as streaming services, cable tv was the only option where you could subscribe to a wide selection of channels such as news, entertainment, sports, and children’s television shows. Before you sign up for cable tv, however, make sure you know cable tv’s costs, as these could work out more expensive as you add more channels and bundles. There are many cable tv providers to choose from, and by reading reviews from other customers, you can decide which is the best for your needs and your budget.

While there are questions regarding cable tv reliability due the use of fiber optic cables, it is still a popular choice in subscription television services. Cable television currently has around 60 million subscribers, but has seen a drop in their numbers recently because of the increase of viewers moving over to streaming services. Another reason for a loss in subscribers is that more and more media and news companies are slowly moving towards their own streaming services and away from cable tv as their only viewing source.

There are many benefits to cable tv, such as:
●       There are thousands of channels and bundles to choose from.

●       You are able to view channels from across the country as the broadcasters overlap.

●       Foul weather does not interrupt viewing, as the cables used are installed inside your house.

●       Live sport is still only viewable on cable tv and other subscription services such as satellite tv.

●       With cable tv, you have extras such as pay-per-view, on demand movies and shows, as well as new releases to choose from.

●       Cable tv does not require an internet connection.

●       Cable tv does not require an aerial or antenna.

●       Channels can share a broadcasting space without needing separate antennas or transmitters.

●       Contracts run from 1 to 2 years, with the option to renew at the end of the contract period.

●       The fiber optic cables used in cable tv are more reliable and last longer.

●       Installation is cheaper than satellite tv or streaming services.

●       As the only equipment needed for cable tv is a fiber optic cable, there is less change of breakdowns and service interruptions.

With a host of benefits, there are also a few disadvantages, such as:
●       Cable tv has a lower quality than satellite tv or other streaming services.

●       While you are able to add channels to your current package as and when you want to, they charge you per channel, which can end up costing a fortune.

●       Cable tv might not always be available in your area.

●       While cable tv is still a cheaper option than satellite tv, there is the possibility of hidden costs and taxes that you might not be aware of when signing up.

Whether or not we like it, technology is advancing, and with more and more people signing up for streaming services, there is a possibility that cable tv will eventually die out. While the older generation still prefers cable tv as their first choice in television subscription services, the younger generation are more likely to choose convenience and adaptability over reliability.