3d printed fish feeder system with food basin, electronic housing with red button on top and servo attached on the side. A pile of food is coming out of the 3D printed fish feeder mechanism. In the middle of the picture is a can of goldfish pellet food. On the right is a hand interacting with a propped up cell phone, setting a time.

In some cases everyday responsibilities, like feeding pets, can really feel like a serious chore. To assistance with relieve the mundane features of daily existence, [Erik Berglund] has produced an automatic fish feeder, total with 3D print information, firmware, and an Android application for finish handle over scheduling and feeding.

The mechanics of the fish feeder include things like a screw conveyor process that pushes the meals pellets fed from a meals retail store basin. The screw conveyor is pushed by a Feetech FS5106R servo which delivers sufficient force to prevail over jamming that may possibly manifest with pellets getting caught in the conveyor program. [Erik Berglund] writes that the process can dispense about .9 g/s and that it is designed for granulated food items, as flakes have difficulties because “their minimal density and big surface area space are likely to get them caught in the throat of the hopper” — an problem that we have seemed into beforehand.

[Erik Berglund] made use of [coberdas]’s fish feeder as the foundation, upgrading it with a better servo, incorporating a Raspberry Pi Zero W along with software for the Pi and an Android software to manage the routine of feedings. There’s also a DS1307 actual time clock module to continue to keep precision time and a drive button for “manual” feeding. If you are hunting to comply with along at house, you can discover the Python scripts that operate on the Pi and the source code for the Android software in their respective GitHub repositories.

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