Russia Preparing for ‘Big, Colossal War’ With NATO, Says Major General

ByErma F. Brown

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Russian condition television has once more pushed the plan that the war in Ukraine could escalate, with a person visitor warning that the environment should be organized for a “colossal” conflict involving NATO.

Programs on the channel Russia-1 have consistently promoted the prospect of the Russian invasion of Ukraine spreading beyond the country’s borders. On Wednesday, the host of Evening with Vladimir Solovyev revisited the concept, setting up his clearly show with a monologue in which he reported he experienced a “emotion that we don’t totally realize the gravity of this second.”

Solovyev questioned why a war, which though “intense” is in “no way an extraordinary conflict” in world terms, “was triggering “this sort of a crazy response in the West?”

Ukrainian servicemen
Point out Duma Deputy Gurulyov warned on Russian state tv that Russia is ready for a “colossal” war with NATO. Above, Ukrainian servicemen fireplace with a French self-propelled 155 mm/52-calibre gun Caesar to Russian positions at a front line in the eastern Ukrainian area of Donbas on June 15, 2022.
ARIS MESSINIS/Getty Pictures

“Now they are contemplating getting instantly involved,” Solovyev reported, referring to the West. With western aid to Ukraine a pet peeve for the show’s friends around the previous several weeks, Solovyev said that the Baltic states, Poland, and the United Kingdom comprised an “completely new alliance” that will get concerned in the war, “and the rest of NATO will observe.”

Just one of the show’s panelists spoke about “NATO’s involvement in a nuclear arms race” which could direct to a “possible nuclear conflict.” Andrey Gurulyov, the Condition Duma deputy and previous deputy commander of Russia’s southern military services district, then weighed in, criticizing former NATO commander Wesley Clark this week for declaring that the war in Ukraine “cannot be stopped devoid of NATO intervention.”

“It is really far better not to react or respond to his statements. A pet dog barks and the wind carries the sound,” Gurulyov stated as he boasted that Russia could use up to “100 missiles per day” in Ukraine by the close of the year.

When requested by Solovyov no matter if Russia was keeping again on tapping its armed forces sources for the reason that President Vladimir Putin was keeping them absolutely free for a probable fight with NATO, Gurulyov reported “we’re obligated to take into account these a possibility.”

“We have to contemplate just about every selection up to a huge colossal war and be all set for it.” When Solovyov asked if Russia was all set for such a situation, Gurulyov replied, “We are completely ready.”

The online video was tweeted by journalist and Russia-watcher Julia Davis, who wrote: “latest temper in Russia: they are not interested in peace or negotiations…Condition Duma member, Key Typical Andrei Gurulyov claims that Russia is completely ready for a major, colossal war.”

Amid considerations about the war in Ukraine escalating and how NATO can assistance Ukraine, Moscow has repeatedly reported that it would not use nuclear weapons.

Nonetheless, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov evaded the question about nuclear arms on Thursday, telling RIA Novosti, “I believe that the media really should be professional plenty of not to question these queries.”

Newsweek reached out to NATO for remark.


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