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As a businessman, you might be hearing the word, ‘web hosting’, for the very first time. However, you should note that it is an important factor that can determine how much your business will succeed on the internet. To start a business online, it is non-negotiable that you’ll get a business website. Although, web hosting providers like buydomains comes with a domain name, there are still some IT companies that provide businesses with domain names. Website hosting is then ultimately the package that allows people to access your website online. Whether choosing a cheap website hosting provider will affect your business or not, is what we’ll find out subsequently.

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Cheap web hosting effect on website performance

A lot of people get frustrated and end up leaving a particular website because of its speed and poor connectivity. Nobody loves a website that takes time to load, however, this challenge is usually encountered with most website that engages a cheap web hosting provider. The idea behind the cheap value of the hosting services is because this hosting provider offers clients a shared hosting plan. This ultimately means, a website shares bandwidths, space, memory, and more with other websites, thus reducing its performance.

IT security challenges

Most online businesses that are closed down today, maybe due to frequent security threats from hackers. When online users notice frequent cyber-attacks on a particular company’s website, they tend to lose trust in such a company and then stop visiting their website. They do this to prevent their personal information and financial details from being accessed by hackers. However, these occurrences are mostly associated with websites with cheap hosting providers. Most of these cheap hosting providers do not have the necessary security features that will protect the website from cyber-attacks. They are not reliable as high standard hosting companies providers, and thus posed a threat to the survival of the website.


Negative effects on SEO ranking

For your business to make progress online it has to be seen and accessed by a wide range of audiences. However, due to the poor performance often associated with engaging in cheap web hosting providers, such websites are usually poorly ranked by most search engines. Aside from that, when people (users), notice the poor speed of your website, they will leave your website. The limited bandwidth space will prevent you from generating content and carrying out other business transactions, which will also affect traffic to the site. More so, limited bandwidth space will interrupt you from making a lot of business posts per day, meaning you’ll be limited on your frequency of posting. This definitely will have an effect on your ranking on most search engines.


Restricted control over software installation and other features

Considering that, the cheapest web hosting provider is a shared plan, one should expect limited access to most features that could help increase the accessibility and productivity of your website. You should remember that space, memory, and bandwidth are usually shared between other websites, at such uploading a particular software could ultimately affect server speed. This is not advisable especially for most big e-commerce sites, which will need to integrate a lot of business software solutions.

Finally, getting a cheap hosting provider for your online business is not worth it, considering all the hassles and struggles associated with it. Doing so, will affect the reputation of your business, and speed its close down.