How to Use Google Search Like a Pro 2022 Tip

ByErma F. Brown

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Check How to Use Google Search Like a Pro

Google knows everything. Do you want the weather forecast? Ask Google. Need directions to a restaurant? Search on Google. Got a weird rash or wondering why your dog won’t stop eating grass? Google it. At your own risk. In a fraction of a second, Google provides you with links to hundreds of millions of answers to your questions, from useful to absurd. But if you’ve ever clicked on the second or third page of search results, you know that simple Google searches will only get you so far.

You need advanced Google search tricks to find exactly what you’re looking for. And because Google knows it all, it offers built-in tools to help you narrow down your search and get the answers you want without having to click anywhere else. Google is not just a search engine.

Even if you don’t count all the extra services provided by Google (Gmail, Google+, YouTube, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts) or all the different versions of the search engine (Scholar, Books), you can do a lot besides a traditional on-page search. Google search.

How to use Google search like a pro

explicit phrase

When you type a term into Google search, you get results related to your search query. If you put the search term in quotes, you will get search results that contain exactly this term.

For example, if you search for water damage restoration, you’ll get results related to water damage restoration, as well as results more closely related to that phrase. A search for “water damage restoration” returns results that use that exact phrase. Therefore, from a marketing perspective, it is important for businesses to include accurate wording for their products and services in their website content.

excluding words

A search inevitably returns results that are not relevant to the information you are looking for. If you don’t want to include a particular phrase in your search, you can tell Google by putting a minus sign (-) in front of the word. Using our example above, a search for water damage will likely return pages related to mold growth. If you are only interested in water damage and want to rule out mold, enter the search query as Water Damage Restoration – Mold.

this or that

By default, when you type a search phrase into Google, it will search for all terms in the phrase. If you want to combine searches to find multiple independent terms in one search, you can do so by using OR between the queries. The OR must be in all uppercase for this advanced search feature to work. For example, you can search for the term water damage and mold at the same time by typing water damage OR mold.

All the words in the text

If you want to find a web page that contains all the words in your search query, you can type allintext: followed by the words and/or phrases you want to search for. Unlike the explicit phrase option described above, this advanced search trick finds web pages that contain all the words you type, but not together in the exact order you entered as a search query.

For example, if you want to search for websites related to water damage and mold growth, you can enter your search query as allintext: water damage and mold growth.

Word in text, as well as title, URL, etc.

You can enter a search query by searching for web pages that contain one term or phrase in the body of the page and another term or phrase in the title, URL, or other section of the page. To do this, enter your first word or sentence, then intext: and no spaces for the second term.

Words in the title

If you’re looking for a web page that has your search query in the title, you can type allintitle: followed by your search term with no spaces. This will find web pages with the terms you entered in the page title, but not in the exact order.

Words in URLs

You can search for web pages that contain all the terms you enter in the URL. Start typing allinurl: followed by your search query without any spaces.

Search within a website

Some websites have their own internal search function, but many do not. You can still search within a website through Google by entering followed by your search query.

Search for related websites

If you want to find a website that is similar or related to a specific website, you can do so by going to

Search for links to a website

You can search for web pages that link to a specific website by entering link: followed by the website. This will generate search results that include web pages that link to the website you entered in your query.

Stock ticker symbol

You can quickly look up information for a particular stock by searching for the stock symbol. For example, you can get Google’s stock chart and information by searching GOOG.


You can quickly get a detailed weather report, including current conditions and forecast, by typing weather followed by a location.

Sports results and schedules

You can quickly search for the results of current sports matches and upcoming dates by searching for your favorite team name or both teams playing against each other. The information comes from Google Sports.

Final words: How to Use Google Search Like a Pro

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